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Yacine  M'seffar

Yacine M’seffar is a photographer and artist from Montreal, Canada.  The natural world has become the primary focus of his work .He works with digital photography  and video and his  artwork uses a wide variety of mediums, from paint to objets trouvés, to embellish photographic prints.
Working as a photographic assistant in New York in commercial fashion photography, he turned to photography as art in 2006 when he assisted and collaborated with Peter Beard on safari in Kenya.
Yacine’s work has always focused on nature. His  creative process comes from observing the vast structure of nature, the ancient machinery of the world. One  primary influences is  Laszlo Moholy- Nagy’s idea that photography should open up new ways of seeing the world beyond those available to the human eye.
In 2012 he begun exploring video both artistically and commercially.
Yacine’s first solo show was at Galerie SAS in Montreal in 2010 and his latest at Gallery Macaya in Miami for Art Basel in 2017.
His work has been featured online and in magazines around the world including Die Ziet (Germany), Digital Camera Review (China), Glam Cult (Holland) The Telegraph (UK) and The Times Of India.
He lives and works In Montreal.


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